This logging wrapper, written in perl, has a few improvements on the previous one:

  • Command line option: “–skip-repeats” to prevent saving results identical to previous run.
  • Command line option: “–path-head” for specification of top level directory for results. Defaults to command name.
  • Command line option: “–path-resolution” for specification of resolution of directory creation for output files. Defaults to “year”
  • Pushes results to remote git repository.
  • Partitions the output files by year directory. The github web interface complains about more than 1000 files in a directory.
  • Implemented in two files: and . The first, runs a command and saves the output in ~/cron_logs . The second,, pushes the contents of ~/cron_logs into a remote git repo.

So, for example, if you want a record of how much free space you have every night at 1:02, enter the following in your crontab (with appropriate changes of course):

02 01 * * * /home/dave/bin/ df -k
*  *  * * * /home/dave/bin/