I’m trying out some of the “dashboards” for proxmox listed under the tteck scripts collection. I’ll update this page as I go.

Mafl LXC

Installation went smoothly. Access was in browser via port 3000. This results in a page that looks like this:

image from github

As far as I can tell, each of these icons is a link that by default is not enabled. I looked briefly at the documentation to find out what it takes to get them working but got impatient and moved on.

Heimdall Dashboard LXC

Again, install went smoothly. Access through port 7990, Used the builtin gui to add a couple of “apps” resulting in this:

image from github

These are clickable and I configured them to link to the plex and pi-hole web interfaces.

I’m starting to get the impression that a “dashboard” is just a fancy collection of bookmarks.

Homepage LXC

Again, install went without a hitch. Access using browser at port# 3000. Configure using scripts at /opt/homepage/config . I added plex and LMS to get a setup like this:

image from github


These seem pretty easy to install and configure but I don’t think they buy you all that much. I’ll probably stick with plain old bookmarks.